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The "Purchase Now" Option:

Manual, Forms, and Members Site.

MTM The Future Today started as a live training program, being offered to pharmacies across the nation. Due to the success of the program and the impact it can have on pharmacy practice, we are now offering the "Purchase Now" option. This option allows pharmacies to purchase an electronic copy of the MTM The Future Today Manual without requiring the live training first. 

This allows the program to reach pharmacies nationwide without the barrier of waiting for live training to be offered in their state.


The "Purchase Now" option broadens the impact the program has on the profession of pharmacy and allows your pharmacy to start utilizing MTM The Future Today to boost MTM services in your pharmacy today!

"Purchase Now" Option:

  1. Visit the "Purchase Now" page to complete the information form and submit payment.

  2. We will email you the MTM The Future Today Technician Manual and Pharmacist Manual and set up your account to access the training and resources on the Members Site. 

  3. Choose your pharmacy technician(s) that will be involved in your MTM program. The pharmacy technician will play a key role in MTM services offered by your pharmacy. 

  4. Access the Members Site to train your staff using the training videos and resources available online.

  5. Boost your pharmacy's MTM program by utilizing the new skills, protocols, and forms from MTM The Future Today. 

How it works:

Similar to the live training seminars, the "Purchase Now" option includes multiple resources to make your MTM program a success: 

  1. MTM The Future Today Manual with the Pharmacy Technician Protocol and specialized MTM Forms.

  2. Free access to the Member's Site for 6-months. After the initial 6-months, you can chose to renew your Member's Site account so you do not lose access to the valuable resources.

  3. Option for individual, live 2-hour web-based training for your team to help get you started (CE not included). 

  4. Complete pharmacy MTM support for all site members.

  5. The Member's Site hosts training videos, electronic copies of all MTM forms that are updated as services change, EQuIPP training, forms, and protocols, CE webinars throughout the year, resources for common disease states, and much more!

  6. Admission for one pharmacist and one pharmacy technician to a future presentation of the MTM The Future Today live seminar, when offered in your area or as part of a meeting/convention you are able to attend, with registration fee waived if you are an active MTMTFT member.

"Purchase Now" Includes:

The MTM forms will be your most frequently used resource when implementing MTM The Future Today. The forms were specially designed to assist community pharmacies streamline the documenting and billing process for MTM. 

The forms allow pharmacy technicians to create simple, easy to follow patient folders that pharmacists will then use to complete the MTM service with the patient. The forms are designed with questions that match each type of service in the two commonly used MTM platforms, Mirixa and OutcomesMTM. This removes the likelihood of missing important questions required by the platform and gives you a clear layout of what needs to be completed for each case. 

This eliminates need to print patient cases from the MTM platforms. Such printouts can sometimes be bulky or difficult to read. The forms provide an improved way of organizing patient cases. 

The forms also save time. Pharmacists can now document the service on the form while going through each question/issue with the patient, and then give the folder to the trained pharmacy technician to document and bill inside the online platform. 

MTM Forms:

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