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We are excited to offer MTM The Future Today as an elective course for P3 students! Join Dr. Nikki Scott, PharmD, Director of Education for an exciting semester of practical, hands-on coursework designed to assist with P4 community rotations and your community pharmacy career after graduation. 

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The healthcare system is changing! Reimbursement for services is shifting from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance. This means providers are being held accountable for the quality of care they provide and the impact they have on the health of their patients. ​

The Future of Pharmacy.

Great news! We are finally shifting to a model in which we are reimbursed for our clinical expertise! Payers are realizing the value of pharmacists as important members of the healthcare team and are beginning to reimburse pharmacists for the impact we can have on patient care and outcomes. 

In order to have the positive impacts on patient care and be reimbursed for our services, we need to know how to perform clinical services, apply our clinical knowledge, and implement clinical programs in the community pharmacy setting. 

This course is designed for the practical application of clinical skills and protocols in the community pharmacy!

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About the Course:
  • This course is designed for third year pharmacy students with an interest in pharmacist-provided Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.

  • This course is intended to equip students with the knowledge and tools to successfully complete MTM services and approach community pharmacy with a clinical mindset in everyday practice.

  • Although there are other MTM programs available, this is the only course that teaches practical application and provides resources for implementing MTM services.

  • Students will receive a certificate of completion for advanced training in MTM services after successful completion of the course.

  • Students will be introduced to MTM services and understand MTM’s role in pharmacy reimbursement, including how MTM, Star Ratings, EQuIPP scores, and DIR fees are interrelated.

  • Students will learn the step-by-step protocol for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and how to utilize special forms created to streamline MTM in community pharmacy.

Course Objectives:
  1. Define MTM services, Star Ratings, and EQuIPP scores.

  2. Describe the relationships between MTM services, Star Ratings, and EQuIPP scores.

  3. Understand Star Ratings and EQuIPP scores and the role each has when monitoring impact on patient care in the community pharmacy.

  4. Compare and contrast two service components of MTM, Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) and Targeted Medication Review (TMR).

  5. Identify the required components for CMRs and TMRs, including documentation and billing requirements.

  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the role and required tasks for the pharmacist and pharmacy technician.

  7. Given a patient medication profile, utilize the protocols and forms to perform a CMR or TMR service.

  8. Understand billing for MTM services utilizing the MTM platforms.

  9. Recognize and manage drug therapy problems common to MTM patients.

  10. Demonstrate ability to improve patient health through MTM services, clinically minded verification techniques, and appropriate patient counseling.

  11. Discuss importance of and methods for pharmacist-prescriber communication.

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