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Frequently Asked Questions.

Live Training Seminar: 
Is lunch provided during the 8 hour live CE?

Yes, lunch is provided for pharmacists attending the live training. We also provide coffee and an assortment of drinks in the morning. Pharmacy technicians attend from 8 am- 12 pm and finish their training before the pharmacist-only afternoon session. 

Are you required to bring a pharmacy technician to the training program?

The program is built upon utilizing pharmacy technicians and completing MTM as a team. Because the program is pharmacy technician driven, you will need a pharmacy technician that has gone through MTM The Future Today training. The success of MTM The Future Today is largely due to the specialized training the pharmacy technicians receive during this course. If you and your pharmacy technician cannot attend on the same date, you will have access to the technician training portion of the seminar online through the included 6 months subscription to the MTM The Future Today Member's Site. If you prefer to have your pharmacy technician attend the live training, you can register your pharmacy technician to attend a later course or attend a pharmacy technician webinar training course at no additional charge. 

I am a pharmacy manager and would like to send more than one of my pharmacists to the training program. Do they each need to pay the full registration fee?

We encourage pharmacies to train their entire staff on the MTM The Future Today protocols. This keeps the entire team up to date with your MTM program and allows all pharmacy team members to play an active role in delivering MTM services to your patients. To register additional pharmacists from the same pharmacy, you must pay the full MTM The Future Today Registration Fee for each pharmacist. For training programs in Arkansas, you may send additional pharmacists at a discounted rate after registering one pharmacist at the full program price. The additional pharmacists will not receive a manual, member's site access, or be allowed to bring an additional pharmacy technician. 

I do not see any training programs being offered in my area, can I schedule your team to come here to teach the program?

The MTM The Future Today team would be pleased to offer the course in your area. We work with state pharmacy associations, local pharmacy organizations, and regional pharmacy chains to make MTM The Future Today available to pharmacies across the nation. Please contact us at for more information about scheduling this event. 

I would like to have two technicians trained to complete MTM in my pharmacy. Can I bring more than one pharmacy technician with me to the training program?

Yes, you can bring more than one technician. The registration fee for the first pharmacy technician is included in the initial MTM The Future Today Registration Fee. If you would like to bring more than one pharmacy technician, you can register them at the discounted Additional Pharmacy Technician Registration Fee. 

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact us: 

Thank you for your interest in MTM The Future Today. A member of our team will contact you soon!

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